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159 Transit Notes
Level 1 Level 4
24 45
Fuel (h:mm:ss)
1:30:00 2:10:00
Speed (km/h)
45 60
Load Time (sec.)
3.0 1.5

Cotton Cotton
Meat Meat
Wheat Wheat
Apples Apples
Eggs Eggs
Tomatoes Tomatoes
Blueberries Blueberries

BOB is a premium vehicle that the player can acquire.
It has 24 starting cargo capacity and is highly specialized in carrying products in the following resources:
Cotton Cotton, Meat Meat, Wheat Wheat, Apples Apples, Eggs Eggs, Tomatoes Tomatoes, and Blueberries Blueberries.
It cannot carry any other items.

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Level Cargo Capacity Fuel Tank Max Speed Load Time Cost
1 24 1:30:00 45 km/h 3.0s 159 Transit Notes
2 32 1:40:00 50 km/h 2.5s 69 Transit Notes
3 38 1:50:00 55 km/h 2.0s 139 Transit Notes
4 45 2:10:00 60 km/h 1.5s 149 Transit Notes
upgrading to maximum level 4, including purchase: 516 Transit Notes

Evolution of BOB[edit | edit source]

Bob Evolution.png