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159 Transit Notes
Level 1 Level 4
13 38
Fuel (h:mm:ss)
1:30:00 2:10:00
Speed (km/h)
35 50
Load Time (sec.)
3.5 2.0

Coffee Coffee
Crude Oil Crude Oil
Raw Milk Raw Milk
Milk Milk
Motor Oil Motor Oil
Apple Juice Apple Juice

Bertha is a premium vehicle that the player can acquire.

It has 3 cargo capacity and is highly specialized in carrying liquids in the following resources:
Coffee Coffee, Crude Oil Crude Oil, Raw Milk Raw Milk, Milk Milk, Motor Oil Motor Oil and Apple Juice Apple Juice.
It cannot carry any other items.

Information about the vehicle's stats at all levels:

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Level Cargo Capacity Fuel Tank Max Speed Load Time Cost
1 13 1:30:00 35 km/h 3.5 159 Transit Notes
2 24 1:40:00 40 km/h 3.0 79 Transit Notes
3 35 1:50:00 45 km/h 2.5 139 Transit Notes
4 38 2:10:00 50 km/h 2.0 79 Transit Notes
upgrading to maximum level 4, including purchase: 456 Transit Notes

Evolution of Bertha[edit | edit source]

Bertha levls.png