Oil well

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Oil well
Oil well.png
Raw Material Sources
Level 1 Level 6
Load Speed
1x 2x
1 2
Produced Goods
Crude Oil.png
Crude Oil

The Oil well is producing Crude Oil. It is used to be delivered directly to towns or as raw material for the Oil refinery.

Produced Goods[edit | edit source]

Crude Oil[edit | edit source]

As this is a Raw Material, no additional goods are needed. Crude Oil is produced automatically with no delay.
Crude Oil Crude Oil

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

As with any raw material source or factory, you start at level 1. The maximum level is 6.
Upgrades can be done on two ways:

  • Deliver an amount x of one or more goods and pay a fee of Coins,[1] or
  • Upgrade instantly by using Transit Notes.
Level Load
Platforms Movable Upgrade costs:[1]
Coins Delivery Notes only Coins + Notes
1 1x 1 ✘ No n/a
2 1.3x 1 ✘ No 60,000 Coins 200 Apple Juice 194 Notes
3 1.5x 1 ✘ No 800,000 Coins 250 Canned Fish + 990 Bricks 1,427 Notes
4 1.5x 2 ✘ No
5 2x 2 ✘ No 11,000,000 Coins 1,060 Canned Tomatoes + 4,240 Iron Bar + 16,960 Meat + 16,960 Bauxite 9,588 Notes
6 2x 2 ✔ Yes 37,000,000 Coins 1,220 Cans + 4,880 Bread + 19,520 Coffee + 19,520 Apples + 19,520 Tomatoes 11,052 Notes
  1. 1.0 1.1 Please note: The given values vor "Deliveries" and "Notes" are only an example of how much this upgrade will worth. The values for the "Deliveries" will be computed randomly for every user based on the Facilities he/she discovered on the island at the moment of the upgrade. Also the required Transit Notes are calculated based on the required goods and Coins.

Evolution of Oil well[edit | edit source]

Oil well.png Oil well 3-5.png Oil well 6.png
Level 1, 2 Level 3-5 Level 6